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Artists by Studio Location – Dec. 3 & 4, 2022 from 9am to 4pm

Map of the 2021 San Diego Pottery Tour

  1. X Cuzick Pottery: David Cuzick &  Mary Cuzick - NOT ON 2022 TOUR!!!
    9204 Campo Road, Spring Valley - Their studio sale is Dec. 10 ONLY.
  2. Third Pottery: Richard Burkett, Nan Coffin
    6354 Lorca Drive, San Diego
  3. Merle Lambeth Studio: Merle Lambeth, Pierre Bounaud,
    Hasuyo Miller, Harriet Sherry  
    4634 Estrella Ave, San Diego
  4. Norm Lurie: Norm Lurie
    4614 Norma Drive, San Diego
  5. Five Potters Studio:   Roberta Klein, Geraldine Vergnet,
    Kathy Long
    , Janet Martini, Ellen Fager

    4880 Biona Drive, San Diego
  6. Clay Associates studio: Associates Eric Woods, Gerald Thiebolt,
    Warren Bakley, Shaun Craig, Michael Noble, Anna Cosimini,
    Suzanne Lussier, and students

    3667 Adams Avenue, San Diego
  7. Red Flash Pottery: Bernie James, Juli BearJames O'Brien
    3619 Herman Avenue, San Diego
  8. Lisa Maher Ceramics: Lisa Maher, Mike Ridge, Lynn Zimmer, Jeremy Gercke, Izzy Elizando 
    7318 Fay Avenue, La Jolla, CA
  9. Threefoot Clay studio: Amy Threefoot Valeiras
    7835 Ivanhoe Ave, La Jolla, CA
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Please be safe and wear a mask, if not fully vaccinated.


Visit the studios in any order on either day!

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